AirTrack Training Set - Home Edition

Take your training home with the versatile Training Set Home Edition

The AirTrack Training Set Home Edition offers a versatile set for training acrobatic exercises at home. The AirFloor Home offers a bouncy foundation for basic skills. With the AirBoard and AirBlock a heightened jumping surface can be created for flips, leaps and vaults. The AirBoard can also be used to lengthen the base by one meter.
Whether you're at home, on vacation, or at a friend's house, you can still train like you're at the gym! Thanks to the compact sizes you can just pick your spot and start training! Sturdy Velcro holds the mats in place to prevent movement during training.
The set is delivered including a foot pump and a free bag!

  • A complete set for home training
  • Delivery from stock
  • 5 year warranty
  • Extra Seam-Protection

Set includes

- 1x AirBoard
- 1x AirBlock
- 1x AirFloor Home
- 1x Foot pump
- 1x TrackConnect
- 2x Velcro strips 
- 1x User manual
- 1x TrackConnect
- 1x Training Set bag


Now € 519.01
€ 428.93 Excl. VAT
Before € 659.00 Incl. VAT


AirTracks combine all the positive characteristics.
  • Inflation within minutes
  • Easily adjust the pressure to your preference
  • Suitable for inside and outside
  • Portable and small in storage
  • No noise during trainings because continuous inflation is not required
  • Use the AirBoards and AirBlock for extra height!
Experiencethe AirTrack Training Set - Home Edition

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